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Example of a Staff Induction Feedback Questionnaire

A Staff Induction Questionnaire offers an opportunity to increase employee satisfaction, retention and improve staffing processes. It can help gather information from each new employee regarding their satisfaction with the hiring and orientation process ...

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New Employee Surveys

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Invite sample for a New Starter Survey

Typically sent within the first 6 weeks of the new employee commencing, it is a great way to gain an accurate gauge on the effectiveness of your recruitment and staff induction program...
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How To Create An Effective Induction Training Program
We have all started working at places that just expect us to "hit the ground running" and become productive extremely quickly. Many of us will have worked at places that regard an induction program as a waste of time ...
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Successful Onboarding - Key to Employee Retention and Productivity
We have all been through it - the company orientation. You know, that brief period of time when we are introduced to a new company or new job at an existing site of employment ...
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The Value of a Web-based On-boarding Program
We know it is more cost effective to retain a current employee than to hire a new employee. Therefore, on-boarding programs should be in place to ensure the retention of the new employee ... Read Article.

Staff Induction Plans : 7 Top Tips For Getting New Employees Up To Speed Fast
The quality of your staff induction plans says more about your managerial style and company culture than you think. At its simplest, employees work harder for companies that care for them ... Read Article.

The Power of Positive Inductions
When a new staff member starts with your company, they are joining a dream, a hope of a great future and genuinely want to do the best they can for your company. How you treat the employee on their first day ... Read Article.

Orientation Surveys
New employees can be a reliable source of information for a company. Most companies ignore the wealth of information that new employees are likely to bring from their previous experiences ... Read Article.

It Pays to Help New Staff Start Right
Effectively orienting your new employees can pay big dividends in staff retention, employee commitment, company culture and customer satisfaction ... Read Article.


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- 4% of new employees have such a disastrous first day and never come back

- 89% of new employees are not given the appropriate tools and support to do their job

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